Bevel Gear

With the support of our engineers, we are able to provide our valued clients with the best range of Bevel Gear including Spiral Bevel Gear, Straight Bevel Gear, Sprocket Gear, Worm Gear, Spur Gear and Double Helical Gear. We are one of the promising Manufactures, Suppliers and Exporters of Bevel Gear. We manufacture Bevel Gear by making use of high-grade iron, steel and other material that ensure durability and resistance against corrosion.

Features and Benefits of Bevel Gears :
  • Bevel gears can pass power through shafts at practically any angle and speed.
  • Standard Materials can be MS, Alloy, Steel and Carbon Steel, cast Iron
  • bevel gears mainly made by brass, aluminum, bronze, cast iron, steel includes hardness etc

Application of Bevel Gears :
  • Power plants
  • Marine applications
  • Defense equipments
  • Steel plants
  • Coal mines etc

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Spiral Bevel Gear
We manufacture for our valued clients with Spiral Bevel Gear, which operates on non-intersecting and non-parallel axes. Spiral Bevel Gear is a bevel class gear having helical teeth. Spiral Bevel Gear is used in automobile differential, where the control of drive from the spinning shaft is required to be curved at 90° to run the wheels.

Straight Bevel Gear
We have a range of Straight Bevel Gear with teeth that are cut into conical surface. The teeth on Straight Bevel Gear can be straight, spiral or bevel. The gears are made of alloy steels suitably heat treated. Straight Bevel Gear is produced using high tech gears producing devices by listing method guaranteeing that the teeth should be of