Industries Served

In this era of industrial evolution, we can see a large number of applications of gears in every industry. Gears play an important role in every machine. They are like an internal organ of a machine, without which they can't perform any kind of work. It is the most common device for transmitting power in mechanical engineering. The gears form an important part in bounding of various machines.

There are a vast variety of gears available in the market which is used in many different industries according to the specific requirements. They can be classified under various industries like Oil Mill Machinery Gears, Rubber Mill Gears, Machine Tool Gears, Power Press Gears, Hammer Gears, Sugar Mill Gears, Flour Mill Gears, Rolling Mill Gears, Iron and Steel Gears Mills, Cattle Feed Mill Gears.

Oil Mill Industry :
Parkash gears is one the few manufactures in Punjab that has heat treat and machining capability to service this oil mill industry. This industry requires high quality gears to extract and refining of the oil in machinery. We know that this industry is on a prosperous way and we want to be its part in the future. We have already planned to grow within oil mill machinery industry.

Steel Industry :
Parkash gears is one the leading gears company in Punjab. We manufacture high quality Double Helical Gears for making steel and steel processing machinery required in the steel industry. we manufacture gears in our Punjab facility, and we also have experience of over 20 years dealing in steel industry. A big part of our company is manufacturing and building gears to service the steel industry.

Cement Industry :
Today we can see that cement industry is dominating the development sector of India. Every builder is in need of cement to build houses and buildings. That's why; a major part of parkash gear is focused on manufacturing gears related to cement industry. We build high quality spiral bevel gears/crown pinion gears, spur gears, helical gears, Sprocket gears, and pinion gears for any cement industry firm.

Mineral & Mining :
We build sprocket gears and pinion gears for some leading mining companies in India. These gears are applied in pulverizes, mining conveyors and various other mining machines. This industry have a huge demand for gears, so we have to manufacture a product that is made to relied upon and should be very endure to handle the rough conditions and intense shock loads which are required in this industry.Our gears like spiral bevel gears/crown pinion gears, spur gears, helical gears are used in stone crushing machines

Agricultural Industry :
We provide combine gears and rotavators gears to fulfill this sectors needs and requirement. As we know that, Punjab largest industry is agriculture; it is the largest single provider of wheat to India. Therefore we have quiet a reputation in proving high class gears on which our farmer brothers can rely upon. We are one of the largest rotavators gears builder in Punjab.

Sugar Industry :
We have a line of spiral bevel gears/crown pinion gears, spur gears, helical gears, and shaft pinions, which provides gearing to the sugar industry. Many machines which are used to refine the sugar need gears. Sugar industries in India have a lot of competition and requirement of gears for machines is also popular. At parkash gears we build durable and reliable Sprocket gears and Pinion gears.

Rubber Industry :
Parkash gears is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier to the rubber industry, by providing them best of the best Sprocket Gears, pinion gears, spur gears, Shaft pinions and many more. All gears are suitable for most rubber plants. Needless to say parkash gears has made some reputation for itself as a manufacturer of world class Spur gears.

Machine Tool Industry :
The machine tool industry dates back to the Second World War. Due to the lack of imported machine tools, there are few plants to full fill India people needs. But in today's world parkash gears provide sophisticated machines tool gears as well as gears of higher capacity either singly, or in large numbers. Parkash gears is among leading companies to produce Power press gears in all over India.