Our Facilities

Parkash gears, is among one of the leading company in India with specialization in industrial gear manufacturing. Following the motto “Quality before Quantity”, at Parkash Gear we believe in providing genuine quality products to our clients. We don’t make any kind of sacrifices on product quality. we have various types of imported machineries to produce world class and reliable products. we have machines from international brands like WMW Machinery Company, TOS, STANKO and SYKES.

Our main strength lies in the Satisfied Customer Return and aiming for International standard quality and in time delivery guaranteed through continual follow-up from inquiry untill delivery, for our Clients.Our services include manufacturing of :
  • Spur Gear
  • Helical Gear
  • Spiral Bevel Gears/Crown pinoin gears
  • Double Helical Gear
  • Bevel Gear
  • Sprocket Gear
  • Pinion Gear
  • Shaft Pinion
  • Bevel Pinion
  • Worm Gear

Production Facilities :
With an far reaching experience of over 50 years, Parkash Gears is an actively engaged in manufacturing, supplying and exporting gears to satisfy all kinds of industrial needs. Depending upon their usage in diverse applications.

Gears are made of various materials, if you are looking for a high performance gear with reliable operation, the selection of suitable material is very important. Based on applications, gears for high load capacity require a tough & robust material like carbon steel etc. Whereas, high precision gears require materials having lower strength and hardness rating.

Heat Treatment Processes :
Pre Hardening : Several heat treatments can be performed before or during the gear manufacturing process to prepare the part for manufacturing. In many cases these steps are essential to manufacture of a quality gear.

Annealing : Annealing is primarily indented to soften the part and to improve its machinability. There are several annealing processes, all of which involves heating to and holding at suitable temperature followed by cooling a specific rate usually through a critical range of temperatures.

Processes used for gears include :
  • Full or supercritical annealing where a gear blank is heated 90-180 degree C (160-325 degree F) above the upper critical temperature(Ac3) of the steel and then slowly cooled in the furnace to around 315 degree C (600 degree F);
  • Interstitial annealing where the gear is heated to a temperature between the upper and lower critical temperature(Ac1)and then rapidly cooled; and sub critically annealing, where gears are heated to 10-38 degree C(50-100 degree F) below the lower critical temperature followed by a slow cool in furnace.

Methods of Gears Heat Treatment :
Basically the heat treating process includes converting the micro anatomy. Some of the following methods for Heat Treatment of gears are given below :
  • Carburzing of Gears
  • Induction Hardening of Gears
  • Through-Hardening Gears
  • Quenching of Gears
  • Flame Hardening of Gears