Quality Infrastructure


Parkash gear is a leading manufacturer of industrial gears and has been providing many different types of gears to their customers since 1952. Parkash Gears has an expertise in providing high quality gears of various sizes catering Oil Mill Machinery Gears, Rubber Mill Gears, Machine Tool Gears etc.

Parkash gear is leading the way in Indian gears industry by providing different types of gears to their clients i.e. :
  • Spur Gear
  • Helical Gear
  • Spiral Bevel Gears/Crown pinion gears
  • Double Helical Gear
  • Bevel Gear
  • Sprocket Gear
  • Pinion Gear
  • Shaft Pinion
  • Bevel Pinion
  • Worm Gear

R&D Department

Where research and development is involved, the core center is on two things :
Firstly, due to the continuous evolution of industries and machines, invention of new products and we have to improve both effectiveness and efficiency. Mr. Parkash is the founder and mastermind, who continuously work as per the requirement of the market and customers. At parkash gears we believe in providing genuine and world class gears.

Secondly we have all the accessory and equipments to support and compete in modern day market. Some of the research and development attributes includes.

Heat treatments :
Heat treatment is used to change the physical and sometimes chemical attributes of a material. Heat treatment includes straitening, quench pressing, and shot peening equipments. , etc

Metallurgical Laboratory :
We have our own metallurgical laboratory with full range hardness testers, jominy equipments, crack detection equipments and microscope with camera and image analyzer.

Quality Control Department

Parkash gears have an excellent infrastructure with modern facilities and sophisticated machineries to provide A-one quality products. Quality control department is responsible for Things like casting and forging of gears fabrication, machining of gears and teething of gears
Production work is divided into many divisions and care is taken by engineers and experts. at our lab, two of the most important aspects through which a product have to go through are :
  • Inspection of the material :
    At this phase engineers at parkash gears looks for any kind of defect or poor quality material. After a thorough checking, a test certificate is then issued conforming the acceptance of the sample and material. Some of the inquiry processes are mentioned below :
    • Live inspection for any kind of cracks and folds
    • Dimension analysis
    • Spectro metal analyzing
    • Hardness of the steel
    • Jominy test to check hardenability of a metal alloy.
  • Metallurgical report :
    Parkash gears take a pride in creating quality reports with attention to detail. In this report, samples of the metal at all stages of processing, from raw material to finished straightening and cutting, were submitted for metallurgical analysis. It includes :
    • Contour Graph
    • Digital Temperature Calibrator
    • Profile Projectors
    • Testing of Profile and Lead
    • Profile Surface Roughness Tester
    • Weak check plug for thread ring gauge calibration.

Sales & Customer Service

We have service engineer for level operation, however, regional service mechanics are kept for consulting basis to attend any complaint. Parkash Gears have strong service network throughout India with dedicated service engineers.

At parkash gears, one of our moral aim is “Customer Satisfaction”. That’s why you can communicate with us any time 24/7 and can do inquiry about your products order. We begin with the specifications and requirements provided by the clients and implement them.