Rotavator Gear

Parkash Gears is a specialized Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Rotavator Gear. We offer Rotavator Gear that is a type of mechanical harvesting gear that rift or plough the soil with the help of spinning blades. We primarily manufacture rotary tillers which were known as rotavators gears or rotavators.

These automated rotary diggers were discovered by A. C. Howard, he was an Australian agricultural scientist in the year 1922. The term 'Rotavators' is an innovative marketing name which means the same back to front. Rotavators are accessible with modern technologies and creative designs which support excellent performance. The rotavators can be self-propelled and driven forward on wheels. Featuring a gearbox, the rotavators gears empower one to gain the rotation speed of the blades more than the forward speed of the equipment. These rotavators Gears have become world popular for development of seedbed in fields. These equipments are regularly used for Ploughing or tearing the soil in farmland, fields, etc. agriculture rotavators are used for the Ploughing the field in your farms. Electric rotavators are frequently used in farmlands and fields across all over India. Agriculturists can rent rotavators when they are in need of them only on a temporary basis. They can also purchase a wide range of rotavators gears online from various shops all over India.