Spiral Bevel Gear

We manufacture for our valued clients with Spiral Bevel Gear, which operates on non-intersecting and non-parallel axes. Spiral Bevel Gear is a bevel class gear having helical teeth. Spiral Bevel Gear is used in automobile differential, where the control of drive from the spinning shaft is required to be curved at 90° to run the wheels. Our Spiral Bevel Gear generates less shake and disturbance and widely appreciated its precision designing.

Features :
  • Large nos. of teeth and modules are offered in these affordable spiral bevel gears.
  • Produces less vibration
  • Heat treat- gear teeth induction hardened
  • Total cost reduction

Applications Areas :
  • Cement plants.
  • Sugar mills
  • Mineral plants
  • Mining industry

Details :
  • Capacity : 500mm
  • Module : 10 modules
  • Material Used : MS Iron, Steel casting, Forged gear,
  • Features : Produces less vibration, vehicle differential