Sprocket Gear

We produce high quality Sprocket Gear which is used in different industrial applications. Sprocket Gear has tooth like forecasts organized on a rim in order to interact with the hyperlinks of a cycle. Sprocket Gear interacts with stores in many different energy indication and machine techniques. Sprocket Gear is mainly manufactured using sintered steel, and as well alloys. Along with this, Sprocket Gear can be developed to decrease disturbance and function. Sprockets Gear is commonly used in bikes.

Features :
  • Type : Spur or Helical Gears, Motor Gears, Slewing Ring Gears, Timing Gears, Pump Gears.
  • Capacity : 200mm to 800 mm outside diameter
  • Material : MS or Alloy Steel, Carbon Steel and according to the customer requirement and suggested material. We manufacture custom precession gears according to customer material and specifications.
  • Pitch : Up to 2.5 pitch

Applications :
  • Cement plants.
  • Sugar mills
  • Sponge iron plants fertilizer plants
  • Thermal power station
  • Mineral plants
  • Chemical plants
  • Paper mills
  • Mining industry
  • Steel rolling plants

Details :
  • Capacity : 2.5pitch
  • Manufacturing Capcity : 800mm
  • Material Used : MS Iron, Steel casting, Forged gear
  • Features : Used in industrial and commercial purposes