Spur Gear

Spur gears are the most common type of gears used in products like washing machine. But we make Spur Gears for heavy duty machine; therefore Spur Gears manufactured at our facility are made from high quality material to endure almost any kind of hazard. Our Spur Gears can be diversified in different amplitude with module upto 1800mm. Our Spur Gears are extensively used in industrial and commercial purposes. Spur Gears are supplied to the clients with changes as per suggested by the client on the best price available in the market.

Among so many different groups of Gears, the Spur Gears Manufacturing are the most basic and easily available type of gears. They are very popular and important. And they have a variety of programs. There are types of components which can be used to produce them. Due to an extensive utilization, Spur Gears Manufacturing should be done using material that are reliable for long use and rust proof. At the same time, the components should be quick to Manufacture Spur Gear in any shape.

Let us show you material that are widely used for Spur Gear Manufacture. Stainless-steel is the most typical one. It can be used to produce various endurable machines. Thus, it is one of primary types of components used for the Spur Gears Manufacture. Alloy is also very popular material used by Spur Gear Manufacturer

Spur Gear can be linked and inter closed quickly when placed next to each other. However make sure that the Gear are placed in such a place that the Gear rotor are on a same plane. Now when the primary Gear is turned the teeth present on the Spur Gearinstantly drives the interlock teeth forward. As both are on similar axles it causes the successive linked Spur Gear to turn and move in the other. As the interlock of the teeth keeps the rotor in movement the Gear continue to move.


Design of Spur Gear

Spur gear (Single) usually having ratio between 1:1 and 1:6 pitch line velocity can be up to 25m/s. Spur gears shown an best efficiency. Spur gears are made from hard material compared to the other wheel gears, spur gear contains more teeth compare to others gears.


Spur Gears Features and Benefits

Spur Gear has a much simpler development than helical Gear because their teeth are directly rather than angular. Therefore, it is much simpler to style and generate them. This makes Spur Gears less expensive to ManufactureSpur Gear are still well-known among many sectors. And they can have good activities to fulfill individual's specifications.

» Transmits motion and power efficiently between parallel shafts.
» Our 1800mm spur gear has a high load-carrying capacity for enhanced performance.
» The 20\B0 PA(pressure angle) spur gear offers smooth, quiet operation.
» Spur gears are manufactured in Delrin, non-metallic, brass, steel, and cast iron materials for maximum versatility.
» Non-metallic (phenolic - grade C) material provides quiet, corrosion resistant operation.


* Under Installation »   Capacity : 3400mm,   Module : 35 Module


Capacity 1800mm
Features Used in industrial and commercial purposes
Module 18 module
Material MS Iron, Steel casting, Forged gear