Straight Bevel Gear

We have a range of Straight Bevel Gear with teeth that are cut into conical surface. The teeth on Straight Bevel Gear can be straight, spiral or bevel. The gears are made of alloy steels suitably heat treated. Straight Bevel Gear is produced using high tech gears producing devices by listing method guaranteeing that the teeth should be of pointed level and width. Teeth are cut on the outside of the spool. Straight Bevel Gear has an immediately teeth geometry, which if expands, goes through the junction of their axes. Straight Bevel GearĂ¢€™s angle can also be with one gear flat with a pitch angle of 90 degrees. Straight Bevel Gear has conical pith areas that functions on intersecting axes. Straight Bevel Gear can be designed and cut to function on any base position. In Straight Bevel Gears when each tooth involves it effects the corresponding teeth and simply bending the Gears teeth can fix the problem.

Highlights :
  • Durable
  • Resistance against corrosion
  • Smooth finish
  • Precision designs