Worm Gear

A Worm Gear is used when a large speed reduction ratio is required between crossed axis shafts which do not intersect and when a high velocity attrition rate is required between bridged axis shafts which do not cross at a point. Worm Drive consists of a large diameter worm wheel with a worm screw meshing.

Features Of Worm Gear :
  • Used in conveyor systems, in which the locking features, can act as a brake for the conveyor when the motor is not turning.
  • Another very interesting usage of worm gears is in the Torsion differential, which is used on some high-performance cars and trucks.

Application Areas Of Worm Gear :
  • Mining industry
  • Mineral plants
  • Chemical plants
  • Sponge iron plants fertilizer plants
  • Thermal power station
  • Mineral plants

Worm Gear Design Framework :
Worm Gear offers a normal single decrease range of 5:1 to 75-1. The message range speed is preferably up to 30 m/s. The performance of a Worm Gear varies from 98% for the maximum percentages to 20% for the minimum percentages. As the frictional heat produced is usually high the worm box must be designed to discharge heat in the environment and oiling of Worm Gears is an important factor. Worm Gear is silent in function. Worm Gear at the higher percentages is naturally self securing - the worm can drive the Gear but not the vice versa. A Worm Gear can offer a 50:1 rate decrease but not a 1:50 rate increase(In practice a worm should not be used to stop a device for safety linked systems e.g. hoists. Some material and managing conditions can outcome in a Worm Gear backsliding).

The Worm Gear activity is a moving activity which results in significant frictional failures. The ideal mixture of Gear materials is for a case solidified allow metal worm (ground finished) with a phosphor brown Gear. Other blends are used for Gear with relatively light amount.

Details :
  • Capacity : 1000mm
  • Module : 16 modules
  • Material Used : MS Iron, Steel casting
  • Features : Used in industrial and commercial purposes